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WESTERN DIGITAL WD30EFRX Caviar Red 3 TB Hard Drive Desktop for NAS

WD Caviar Red 3 TB
SATA-III 6.0 Gb/s
7200 RPM 64 MB
3.5-inch Hard Drives

4,252.01 บาท (รวมภาษี)
3,973.84 บาท (ไม่รวมภาษี)


Last update: 2017-11-02 15:13:11

More products. More options. More solutions. More you.

Your digital life is unique and you need a family of internal hard drives that are as individual as you are. 
WD offers more than a one-size-fits-all hard drive. WD offers you choice. And that’s a powerful thing.

WD Red

The new color of NAS.

WD Red hard drives are designed and tested for compatibility in the unique 24x7 operating environment and demanding system requirements of home and small office NAS.

NAS compatibility.

Advanced firmware technology built into every WD Red drive, NASware enables seamless integration, robust data protection and optimal performance for systems operating in NAS and RAID environments.
Premium support.
Exclusively for WD Red drive customers, our free dedicated 24/7 support line is available in English. Other regional support hours vary.
The secret is in the technology.
WD’s exclusive NASware technology improves NAS storage performance by reducing common hard drive concerns in NAS systems including concerns for things like compatibility, integration, upgrade ability, reliability and cost of ownership that are experienced with a hard drive designed for desktop computers.

  • Warranty 3 Years