Zyxel PRESTIGE 791R V.2 Next-Generation G.shdsl Bridge / Router

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Zyxel PRESTIGE P-791R V2 Next-Generation G.shdsl Bridge / Router

G.SHDSL.bis Router (ATM Based) Max 5.69Mb w/ RJ-11, 10/100Mb LAN & RS-232

1,900.01 บาท (รวมภาษี)
1,775.71 บาท (ไม่รวมภาษี)

P-791R V2

Last update: 2018-02-05 13:36:12

ZyXEL's P-791 G.shdsl bridge/router is an innovative next-generation DSL solution designed for medium-sized businesses to access the Internet and remote office networks by providing a cost-effective high-speed alternative to leased-line services.  The P-791 series provides symmetric LAN-to-LAN and Internet access transmissions at selectable speeds of up to 2.3Mbps, and can be configured to either server or client mode for providing point-to-point connectivity between two sites

High-speed Internet Access The scalable G.shdsl technology supports symmetrical, multi-rate data transmission speeds ranging from 72Kbps to 2.3Mbps, and is a cost-effective alternative to T1/E1 service. The flexibility of the P-791 series makes it ideal for applications such as web hosting, video conferencing and two-way data traffic commonly needed in the business environment.  

Plug-and- Play Connectivity
Pre-configured with a service provider's settings, the P-791 series can be easily installed and will automatically function with a G.shdsl connection without any manual configuration.  

Built-in PPPoE Feature
With ZyXEL's built-in PPPoE feature, the P-791 series enables both the users and the service providers to make use of the existing PPP/PAP/CHAP based authentication and accounting infrastructure. The built-in PPPoE feature saves time by eliminating the need to install software.  

UPnP Support The P-791 series supports UPnP discovery and UPnP NAT traversal. By using the standard TCP/IP protocol, the P-791 can dynamically join a network and obtain an IP address as well as convey its capabilities and learn about other devices on a network.  

Dial Backup for Internet Access In case of interruption in DSL service, the Dial Backup feature enables non-stop Internet access by automatically switching traffic to an external analog or ISDN modem.

  • Warranty Lifetime