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Synology Docker DSM License Pack

Docker DSM License Pack, Flexible IT resource management, State-of-the-art container technology, Ideal for Multi-Tenant Environment

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Docker DSM

Last update: 2017-03-23 17:12:47

Docker DSM License Pack

Synology DSM can be containerized and run as a Docker image on a Btrfs shared folder with little performance impact, thanks to Docker’s lightweight software virtualization technology. Taking advantage of the Btrfs file system, the entire Docker container can be easily protected by taking snapshots and replicating it to a recovery site.

Licensing Plan

Synology Docker DSM License Packs are designed for creating additional Docker DSM instances. By default, one license is installed on a DiskStation or RackStation. The license is subscription-based and valid for one year.

Activation and Extension

In Docker, go to DSM > License > then click Add. A wizard will guide you through adding licenses. If your Synology DiskStation or RackStation is not connected to the Internet, you have to go to the Synology Account website to activate your license. One license key can be applied to only one supported Synology product at a time

License Expiration

You are also able to renew the subscription by applying new license keys before expiration. If your license is about to expire, you will receive a notification two months in advance. If the license is expired and you have more Docker DSM instances running than licensed, you must rectify this within 7 days. Failing to do so will cause all Docker DSM instances to be stopped. However, you will still be able to re-start Docker DSM instances as long as the number of running instances does not exceed the number for which you are licensed.